Krystal Papillons
 First Quality....Always!


Krystal Papillons Extended Family
These individuals are not just show dogs but also loving companions.

      AM CAN CH Krystal Sonrisa DOM 


  Krystal Wild Wilson
Male owned by Pia Alatalo, Finland

AM CAN CH Krystal Just Fer Laffs
Male owned by Tristen Tharp

Krystal Copper Foxx  
Female owned by Vickie Ehrlekrona

CAN CH Krystal Wispy Willow
Female owned by Carol Swan-Laing

AM CAN CH Krystal Tryan Match Me



          Krystal No Speed Limit            Male owned by Enid Burgess


                     AM CAN CH Krystal On The Mark           Male owned by Suzanne Hannon

     Krystal Rockets Red Blare         Female owned by Julija Pavlova, Latvia

           Krystal Frankly My Dear
Male owned by Julija Pavlova, Latvia

  CH Krystal Straight No Chaser 
    Male owned by Vickie Ehrlekrona     

AM CAN CH Krystal Jenny The Charmer
Female owned by Shana Ford


AM CAN CH Krystal French Braid
Female owned by Jenny Solomon

Krystal Yukon Jack
Male owned by Dennis Nietsch

CH Krystal Different Drummer 
Male owned by Pam Clark