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About Krystal Papillons

Krystal Papillons was founded in 1986 with a lovely girl 'Karens Dark Krystal'.

After attaining her Championship and Obedience Companion Dog title, she became the start for Krystal Papillons.

Since that time I have bred over 50 American Champions, and 31 Canadian Champions. 

In addition, there are several Krystal performance
dogs in obedience, rally and agility. This meets my goal of breeding the 'well rounded' Papillon as the breed was intended to be.


Karens Dark Krystal, CD


The Papillon who started it all!
It only takes one.....


It is my ambition to breed the finest Papillons possible.

I have acquired excellent dogs from some of the best kennels in the US and England.

Combining the bloodlines has given Krystal Papillons a consistent, recognizable quality and type.